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Friday, October 20, 2017

Triumph's 1st Mobile Fitting Lab Launched

Find Your Perfect FIT at Triumph's 1st Mobile Fitting Lab
 Triumph Malaysia just launched their first ever Mobile Fitting Lab in Malaysia. Leveraging on the "Find The One" theme, this Mobile Fitting Lab is set to revitalize the fitting and lingerie experience for every woman.
Goodies await the first 50 Customers
According to Sheryl Wong, the Commercial Director of Triumph Malaysia and Singapore, the idea behind this Mobile Fitting Lab is to give Triumph's customers the opportunity to find their perfect fit in a convenient yet unique way.

Commencing its journey in October, the Mobile Fitting Lab will embark on its quest to ensure every woman gets her perfect fit from Kuala Lumpur to Penang, Malacca, Johor Bahru and into Singapore for a 3-month period.
Through this Mobile Fitting Lab, Triumph aspires to provide each woman an experience of finding the perfect fit and discovering desired bras for their every need. The experience of a fitting room within a lab enables a 1-on-1 customer service  and a better understanding of their needs.

Present at the launch event were some of Malaysia's top celebrities.
Me and my blogger friends and members of the media at the launch.


 Daphne Iking was the emcee for the day!
A high energy performance with these young dancers who were sporting Triumph's latest bra collection.

Ribbon Cutting Ceremony to signify the official launch.

Come on! Let's go inside and take a peek.

 Rows of fashionable bra on display. Plenty of colours to choose from. Customers are spoilt for choice. I am amazed by the variety even if it's in a small truck!

  Celebrities checking out the bras.
 Sazzy Falak finding her perfect fit!

A BIG CONGRATULATIONS, TRIUMPH on your official launch event and thanks for having me! I will be finding my right fit soon too! *cheeky wink! :)

KL Journal Hotel's Ladies Night

Here Ye! Here Ye! Beautiful and Amazing Ladies!!!

KL Journal Hotel's Ladies Night are on every Tuesdays, Thursdays and Saturdays.
Come and join the fun, where music fills the air. Let the beautiful music and spectacular ambience serenade you and drink the night away.
Everyday, the cocktail concoctions are different. So you can pop the by the Terrace Bar & Grill at Level 1, KL Journal Hotel without having the same cocktail drinks all the time.

Having my cocktail and enjoying the night away.
For those who are new to KL Journal Hotel, here's a little bit about this cosy hotel.
The KL Journal Hotel is a stylish boutique hotel in the heart of Kuala Lumpur. Located at the herat of Bukit Bintang's Golden Triangle, this hotel is easily accessible  via the Monorail Bukit Bintang and the new MRT Bukit Bintang Station.'s just behind the HSBC Bank

Here 's the outlook of the hotel. 
 Above: the view from its rooftop that houses the swimming pool.

Here's the ambience at the Terrace Bar & Grill on a beautiful evening.

 I love the simplistic look with slight lush greenery surrounding the outdoor bar area.
 Bila malam menjelma tiba..../ When night strikes... it's a different scene all together! All lit up with beautiful fairy lights, it feels so magical here.
 The stage is set for talented musicians to showcase their talent. Guests were entertained by beautiful music and good food. 
A great place for friends to catch up to have a meal or two.
Now let's dive in to the food that we had. 

This is the Killer Fish Head Curry, priced at RM50 per set for 4 to share.
Psst...this dish is not in their main menu. It is the Chef's  Special and you've gotta request for this dish. Now let me share my thoughts on this dish. Don;t be fooled by the coulur of the curry. It looks hot and spicy but is not. Well what amazes me is that this curry is not spicy. This will be a hit among mat sallehs too who cannot take overly spicy food. 
Using fresh red snapper, the fish is meaty but be careful when you eat it because it has quite a lot of bones. Eat slowly and enjoy every flavour this dish has to offer.  The amazing part is that this dish uses Western Ingredients too. Probably that's why it's not overly spicy.
I loved this with tons of eggplant and ladies finger. My rating for this dish, 4/5

When you order the Killer Fish Head Curry set, it comes with endless servings of pampadam, rice and acar and you can eat till your heart's content.

Left: We also tried the BBQ Glazed Gaucho Beef Ribs (RM45) and the Sumac Roasted Spring Chicken (RM39).
I loved the Beef Ribs that's soooooo tender and glazed with a super yummy sauce. I didn't quite enjoy the Sumac Roasted Spring Chicken on the other hand cause I find it too dry and hard to eat. But these 2 dishes will go well if you pair it with some red wine.
Next we tried the Grilled Chicken and Beef Satay. I only tasted the chicken. The meat is a mouthful and goes so well with the satay sauce. Half a dozen of either chicken or beef costs RM28 and one dozen costs RM35. 
 The Seafood Spaghetti Aglio-Olio RM28, is a Western Delight done with a local touch. It is perfectly done using local spices. Talk about being innovative and creative! The shrimps are fresh and I can feel its firm meat!

Doesn't this Caesar Salad look amazing? My friend's father though it looked like fried rice!
Topped with a generous amount of cheese and croutons on top of the Romaine Lettuce, this is one of my favourite dishes. Priced at RM25 each.

Good Food, Great Music, Spectacular Ambience and Great Company. 
Ahhh....What else can I ask for? KL Journal Hotel, thank you for having us with your remarkable ladies night and awesome night view of the city.

For more info, log on to  
or follow their instagram for more updates at @TheKLJournal

Wednesday, October 18, 2017

Rise of The Pinnacles

Today I wanna talk about one of the interesting place I visited in Western Australia. It's the Pinnacles. The Pinnacles are large natural rock formation, an ancient desert sculptures of the Pinnacles. It sits in Nambung National Park, along an idyllic stretch of coastline north of Perth.

Visiting the the Pinnacles Desert in Perth is certainly an eye opener for me. Well, it's not everyday you get to set your eyes on such a magnificent build by Mother Nature. These rock formations are simply one of a kind. It's only in this desert-like part of Perth you get to see these wonderful formations that comes in all shapes and sizes. When I stepped foot there it just felt out-of-this-world! I could not believe I was actually there! 

 I got my brother to record a video of me in jumping in joy and in full excitement!
Mom enjoyed herself too by posing next to these rocks
With clear blue skies, these plain vast desert with rocks are a sight to behold! It took us almost 2 hours drive to reach here from where we stayed at Landsdale and it was worth it.

Each rock has a unique shape and comes in many sizes and forms. Not one are the same.

Ancient limestone pillars of the Pinnacles. And here I am having some fun taking some selfies with my loyal selfie stick.
Brother leaning against a rock pose. Looking cool there little brother!

With my jump for joy pose.

And I am taking the opportunity to do a lot of poses among the rocks.
Mom celebrating the open spaces.

The sun was shining brightly. It wasn't really hot but cool. 

Noticed this van dragging tyres to form the tracks and create some friction so that the roads are not so slippery on the fine desert sand.
Check out the properly planned trail of rocks that formed a very systematic path. It was huge in there and we had to circle around quite a bit before we could get out. We were lucky to be able to drive in quite a bit and circle the surroundings. I heard some parked their car outside and walked. It's a loooooooooong walk. Trust me! And luckily it did not rain that day. Out of the 9 days I was in Perth it rained almost 7/9 the 9 days. Can you imagine! 
Hope you enjoyed the photos and scenery too from these pictures. I will be writing more about the other beautiful places I visited while in Perth last month. Stay tuned!